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Haehnel & Phelan – Leaders among Grand Rapids Law Firms


Grand Rapids Law Firms Ė Haehnel & Phelan




Prominent among Grand Rapids law firms, Haehnel & Phelan has experienced attorneys who specialize in a wide range of criminal defense, DUI, OWI, OUIL, driver’s license restoration, personal injury, wrongful death, divorce, custody, child support and other domestic relations matters. For 30 years, our Grand Rapids law firm’s commitment is to providing every client with dedication, determination and professionalism. We believe that our clients are more than just cases and as such, each client deserves representation specific to their personal needs. If you’re afraid of being treated like "just another case", come to Haehnel & Phelan and experience the professional expertise and personal care you and your family deserve. It’s those elements we are most proud of and what sets us apart from the other Grand Rapids law firms.